Strategic services
(that simply make sense).

You’ve got the project. You’ve got the vision. We’ve got the strategy to bring it to life.

Strategy? That’s
where it all starts.

“What are you looking to achieve?” That’s what we ask our clients when they first come to us looking for property, planning and land development advice. Because we know understanding your goals (and, more importantly, strategic objectives) is where it all starts.

With us by your side advising you on all your property, planning and land development needs, you’ll never have to second-guess your decisions. Never feel overwhelmed by the process. Never miss out on strategic opportunities.

Cost certainty

(with no nasty surprises).

When it comes to any kind of property, planning or land development project, one thing we know you’ll always want to be sure of is cost.

Rigid, budget-draining fee structures. Cold, corporate transactions. You’ll find none of that (nonsense) at Devello. We believe our service (and pricing) should flex around you. Think cost certainty. Think no nasty surprises. Think Devello.

Our advice in action

Navigating Planning Allocation

We are helping a landowner to navigate the planning allocation process without having to resort to handing control over to a third party. Using our expertise, we are guiding the landowner through the best approach, bringing in top consultants as needed. This is anticipated to lead to the land being allocated for residential development, and, when allocated, we will connect the landowner to the right agents and developers for the right sale at full market value. Result? We forecast this landowner will realise a significantly greater profit on the sale of the land.

Streamline Tenancy Processes

We worked with a multi-let office block owner to streamline their tenancy process. Through a strategic review of their letting documents, we simplified their tenant onboarding process, cutting down time and legal costs for both the owner and the tenants. This led to fewer empty periods and reduced spending, boosting the owner’s return on investment.

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